AutoNiveau Remote Diagnostics (ARD)

Programming and coding of transponder keys, control units, coding of towbar electronics, reset service intervals and much more.

Remote diagnostics and assisted with AutoNiveau Remote diagnostics

AutoNiveau Remote Diagnostic interface is used to establish a remote connection with a vehicle, this service is called “AutoNiveau Remote Diagnostics”. With this cloud based platform and our “Remote interface”, we can access data from the OBD port of the car while it is in your workshop by connecting it with the AutoNiveau Service Centre.

This gives your company the possibility to use additional functions, which are not always possible with universal diagnostic scan tool. This while the vehicle itself stays right where it is, in your workshop. For example, programming and coding of transponder keys, control units, and the coding of towbar electronics, reset service intervals and much more.

How does it work?


You connect the AutoNiveau Remote Diagnostics interface to the car's OBD port. Using an Android app with the Basic Remote or our dedicated website when using the SMART Remote, select the car and the service you need. When you press enter, the message arrives at the AutoNiveau Service Centre, where our diagnosis specialist already is waiting. An online connection is made with the car and we carry out the requested action remotely.

When requested action is successfully completed, or when the technician wants to communicate with the AutoNiveau Diagnosis Specialist there is a chat function available, or we will send a signal to the car, for example activate the horn too late you know the car is ready.

Remote Diagnostics services

Curious about the services of AutoNiveau Remote Diagnostics? Select the specific vehicle to discover our application list to see what services are available. If there is a job that you need to do that is not listed, please contact the AutoNiveau Remote Diagnostics team by connecting the remote to the vehicle, and we will attempt to carry out the task. The operator will indicate if an unlisted service will be successful or not (No cure no pay).

Price of the product and services

One time purchase, no subscription, you only pay for the services that are completed. The rates are listed in the services search engine above. After the service has been completed, a confirmation and invoice will be sent to the subscripted email, stating the correct reference, so you can easily invoice the customer for the provided service. The costs are paid by direct debit. AutoNiveau Remote Diagnostics is available from Monday to Friday between 08:30 - 17:00. If you require more information or if you have any questions please contact us on

AutoNiveau is closed on the following days:

  • Monday 24 May 2021, Pentecost
  • Friday, 24 December 2021, from 3 pm
  • Friday, 31 December 2021, from 3 pm

To use the AutoNiveau Remote Diagnostic services, you need AutoNiveau Remote interface, along with an Android device such as a tablet or a smartphone in combination with the Basic Remote or login to the dedicated website in combination with the SMART Remote. Your workshop must have a stable Wi-Fi internet connection. The SMART Remote can be connected to the internet with an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi connection.

Are you interested in AutoNiveau Remote Diagnostics? Please contact us on